I’m Benjamin Tan, a software engineer hailing from Singapore. I’m passionate about using software to create meaningful products and experiences. I work primarily with modern web technologies these days, although I dabble with systems software occasionally.

I’m currently building Mobbin, the world’s best app design reference library. (I’m biased.)

I occasionally spend time working on open source code. In the past, I’ve been a member of the lodash, BestieJS, WebTorrent, and Advisory teams. Recently, I've been excited about programming languages, databases, distributed systems, version control systems, and cryptography.

Outside of staring at computers, you can typically find me either face-deep in a book, watching football, listening to music, or just sleeping.


Want to get in touch? I’m probably the most contactable on Twitter (I refuse to call it X) or through email.


ofcrse is a static site built using Astro. It runs on a custom Axum-based server deployed on Fly.io.

Design is inspired quite directly from Brandur Leach’s site. Text is typeset in Basier Square Narrow, Iosevka, and one of your’s system serif fonts.

Why is it called ofcrse? Who knows? I bought the domain way too long ago, and now I’m stuck with it.