I’m Benjamin Tan, a software engineer hailing from Singapore. I’m passionate about using software to create meaningful products and experiences. I work primarily with modern web technologies these days, although I dabble with systems software occasionally.

Currently, I’m studying Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. Some topics which have caught my interest lately include programming languages, distributed systems, databases, and cryptography.

I enjoy reading and writing well-designed, elegant and performant code. During my free time, I contribute to and learn from the open source community. In the past, I’ve been a member of the lodash, BestieJS, WebTorrent, and Advisory teams, running the gamut of tasks including development, API design, bugfixes, documentation, issue triaging and website maintenance.

Professionally, I’ve worked at Mobbin and Media Pop, contributing to the design and implementation of interactive web experiences.

Aside from staring at computers, you can typically find me face-deep in a book, plugged into a pair of headphones nodding to music, or in some cases just nodding off.

About this site

This site is a static site built using Astro. It runs on a custom Axum-based server deployed on Fly.io.

Why is it called ofcrse? Who knows? I bought the domain way too long ago, and now I’m stuck with it.


Want to get in touch? You can find me on Twitter or via email.